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Binding the Strongman over America

Binding the Strongman over America

I recently watched a video interview of John Benefiel on Sid Roth.  It was one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen.  But one of the best things is that it gave me hope!

I must admit that hearing some of the things that have been happening in America is downright disheartening.  Listening to alternative news media like Alex Jones’ Prison Planet and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze is very informative about what is really going on in America – how all of our constitutional rights are on the verge of being lost while immorality runs rampant.  However, working through the political process doesn’t seem to be changing things much, and I cannot advocate any type of offensive physical violence.  So, this video gave me hope because now I see that we can change our towns, cities, counties, states and nations!

Click Here to Watch John Benefiel on Sid Roth!

John shares how they have made extraordinary progress in transforming his home state of Oklahoma through a network of intercessory prayer warriors, repentance and reconciliation for broken covenants, innocent bloodshed, immorality and idolatry.   Proverbs 26:2 says that the curse does not come without cause.  So, if we are experiencing drought and economic catastrophe, there is a reason:

You can see more at the HAPN website:  Inviting God’s Transformation.

One person can make a difference – YOU can make a difference!  Become a prayer warrior and take part in The Unseen War.

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