Adam’s Midnight Flight to Heaven

Hi!  I’m brendamc.  A few years ago, I was wishing for a book to read to my grandchildren that would inspire them to imagine Heaven, to get them interested in the wonderful things of God.  One day, God answered my wish by giving me a download of a children’s book – “Adam’s Midnight Flight to Heaven”.

Adam's Midnight Flight to Heaven

‘Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep. And if I die before I wake, I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take.’

Adam has always prayed this prayer that his momma taught him, but one night, he falls asleep wondering what exactly And if I die before I wake, I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take means. Soon he is greeted by his guardian angel, who takes him on a trip to the heavenly city. There, Adam is going to meet someone who will explain just what his prayer means. Take flight with the angels and journey to a place greater than your best dreams when you join Adam’s Midnight Flight to Heaven.

Now, I’m no writer, but I have done enough writing in my work, that I know that it is not normal to sit down and write a twenty page children’s book in one day.  So, I know I can’t really take credit for this book ~ all the credit goes to the LORD.   It was really a unique experience as I typed the words of this book, it was like I was watching a movie of the story in my mind.  I have probably read this book over one hundred times, yet I have only been able to change a few words.  Even my publisher suggested very few changes.  In most instances, I chose to stay with the original wording that I felt God gave me.

Even though I originally wanted a book for my grandchildren, God has opened the doors and enabled me to have the book published, so that it is now available at a number of outlets, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My goal and dream now is to inspire children all over the world to get to know God better!


  1. Charlotte kilpatrick

    I can’t wait to order this & read it myself as well as to my two Grand daughters. I’m so proud of you Brenda…and proud for you. Way to go Girl.

    • Hey Charlotte! So good to hear from you. I know you are on FB… you gotta check out a group called “Frontline Intercessors” on FB… its you all over. I love it!

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