Challange to Athiests

I woke up about 3 am this morning with this scenario going around in my head: talking to an atheist and saying, “Do you really not believe that God exists, or do you just not want to admit that He has the Authority to say what is right and wrong?”  The atheist strongly restates that there is no God and I reply, “OK, if there is no God, then I challenge you to say these words, ‘God if You really exist, please reveal Yourself to me‘.”  The atheist protests and I continue, “Well, if there really is no God, then saying that is just dead words in the air, nothing will happen.”  Further protests from the atheist.  I reply, “Your reluctance to say that phrase belies your statements that you don’t believe God exists, and leads me to think that you are afraid to challenge this God whom you don’t believe exists.”

Then this song from Newsboys – God’s Not Dead – keeps going around in my head.  HalleluYah!  We serve the One, True, Living God!

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